LDC500/496CRXXLTP Creative Series

LED Display Floor
The LED display floor screen is a brand-new digital floor display with excellent protecting structure. By adopting synchronous video control mode, the floor screen can represent video effect with soft colour and high resolution, perfectly integrating virtual stage landscaping with interactive performance.
The design enables fast assembly and disassembly, seamless juncture and random combination. The LED floor display uses high-strength and anti-skid resin cover and solid die-casting aluminium supporting device, which can stand heavy load and strong shock and can be direct trampled.
Be free to think about the ideas of dancing in fire, chasing tide, step on flash… You can easily realize such things in dance field of discos and pubs, T-stage, concerts and dramas.
Aurora Impact Protected Creative Floor Mount Systems feature –
•High stability
•Wide viewing angle
•Adjustable height
•Very robust construction method
•High Load Bearing Design
•Extremely durable up to 2 Ton/m2
•Easy handling and levelling
•Resistant and rugged
•Maintenance from top
•Sensor technology for content management

Suitable for applications such as dance floors , interactive floors , immersive rooms and Virtual Reality implementations.



496×496, 500 x 500mm

Cabinet Depth

100mm, 83mm, 90mm

Hi Brightness


Super Hi Brightness



Aurora IOS App, Crestron Control Moduile

WiFi Compatible

Via Aurora LDP2625 Processor



Mounting Solution



Die Cast Aluminium, Magnesium Alloy

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