LDC320XXFP Indoor LED Cabinet

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Auroras  LDC320XX Series in P1.8 /2.0 pixel pitches continues the range of cost effective , kit based LD solutions with a focus on performance standards and reliability.

Features –

High-integrated Component, Light-weight & Slim Cabinet

Highly integrated 3-in-1 bridge board design enables light-weight cabinet structure as well as  low radiation. Slim product appearance with black metal frame can fit in various on-site environments.

3-in-1 Design  39mm Thickness  6.2KG/ Per Cabinet

High Precision, Smooth Screen Surface

Cabinet adopts high-precision CNC processing technology, guaranteeing seamless splicing  during installation. Apply patent LEDs to improve contrast ratio as well as protection  performance.

Cascaded network cable connection is adopted between cabinets, and power supply is designed with series connection for main circuit and parallel connection for branch circuit. All cables and cords are provided with reserved length to ensure neat wiring and easy maintenance.

Cabinet installation applies magnetic suction mode, and cabinet maintenance supports fully front access with air-suction tool, thus to improve installation efficiency and reduce construction cost.

Built-in 3-in-1 highly-integrated hub board, less cable connection with higher reliability and lower maintenance difficulty level

Vivid Color Displaying, Care-free Camera Shooting

The application of high-quality driver IC, various gray compensation mechanisms and high-precision linear current gain can

contribute to more accurate screen color rendition. The IC with PWM gray level scatter scanning mode is used to improve the gray  scale level of display screen and shooting refresh rate.

The intelligent power supply can adjust the output voltage adaptively, and dynamically keep the output voltage stable at the saturation voltage value, which can better reduce the power consumption of the screen. Save energy and protect the environment.

3840Hz Refresh Rate  170° Wide Viewing Range  Built-in Display Data Storage

Max. Power Consumption 320W/㎡
Common cathode 320*180 product:
Max. Power Consumption 380W/㎡
Common anode 600*337 product:
Max. Power Consumption 440W/㎡

50㎡ P1.8 screen,12 hrs * 250 days
LDC320XXFP total electricity bill: ≈$16,000
Common cathode total electricity bill: ≈$19,000
Common anode total electricity bill: ≈$22,000

The saving cost 50㎡ 1 year: ≈$3,000, ≈$6,000

Support calibration and data storage, 3840Hz high refresh rate, high gray scale level under low brightness, gray scale compensation, restoring vivid colors to bring a better visual experience

Self-developed MaxConfig control software supports functions such as screen adjustment, note writing etc. Interface is simple and easy to operation, make everyone a professional




Pixel Pitch

1.8, 2.0mm



Cabinet Depth





Crestron Control Moduile, Yes

WiFi Compatible

Via Aurora LDP2625 Processor

Mounting Solution

VESA, Wall Mount

Full Front Service

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