Project Implementation

Aurora Project implementation guidance ensures that the integrator gets it right first time, every time.

Our engineering and structural team along with our informed Sales Team can support large scale projects from design through to implementation

With our innovative mounting systems, power dashboard and control hardware, more efficient procurement times your next project is in better hands with Aurora.*

More often than not LED Project implementations have significant differences between them as well as differing variables that impact many aspects of the project.

To be able to effectively manage the diversity of implementation requires years of practical experience coupled with a deep understanding of the technology.

Why take the risk when you can join the ever growing list of successfully delivered Aurora LED projects.

*Charges may apply

Services Offered:

  • CAD Design
  • Engineering Support
  • Structural Engineering
  • Stakeholder Liason
  • Systems Design – Electrical, Data and Control Interfacing
  • Custom hardware and Custom Screen Fabrication to suit all applications