LDC610XXSFP AOB Cabinet Range

Incorporates state of the art image reproduction and HD, FHD, & 4K resolution capabilities with a Super Fine Pixel Pitch of 0.9mm coupled with our AOB impact resistant transparent covering for improved vied angles, impact protection and better aesthetic

LDC610XXAOB Series utlizes COB integrated LED technology to facilitate a more aesthetic display with
better anti collision and impact resistance performance.

RGB full flip chip embedded processing without chipset soldering reduces processing path and resolves insufficient solder, solder bridging and broken solder joint seen in lower quality displays, thus massively improving product reliability

High Contrast Enables Vivid Color Display / 20000 : 1 super high contrast can be achieved to a stunning visual effect

Wide horizontal / vertical viewing angle ≥170

These displays incorporate smaller cabinets to ensure best uniformity, cable less design, quick locks for fast integration and MBI / ICN /GFX Driver IC options for the best performance in its class.

Suitable with Aurora Mounting Solutions: Wall, Hanging, Custom.


Pixel Pitch



610 x343mm

Cabinet Depth





Aurora IOS App

WiFi Compatible


Mounting Solution

Wall Mount

Full Front Service

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